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LP limitado pela loja Urban Outfitters em splatter limitado do primeiro álbum da Demi Lovato.


The debut album from pop phenom Demi Lovato, Don’t Forget is available exclusively at UO on 3000 limited units of red-splattered white vinyl. Establishing her voice as a musician, this album is full of bops, with a fun tone and elements of rock that hinted at Lovato’s evolution. Featuring the singles “Get Back” and “La La Land.” 2008, Hollywood.



Side A

1. La La Land
2. Get Back
3. Trainwreck
4. Party
5. On the Line
6. Don't Forget


Side B

1. Gonna Get Caught
2. Two Worlds Collide
3. The Middle
4. Until You're Mine
5. Believe In Me


(Todas as perspectivas contidas neste material são meramente ilustrativas, podendo sofrer alterações, inclusive quanto à cor, forma, textura e tamanho).

Demi Lovato - LP Don’t Forget Limitado Splatter

SKU: LP_INT_0045
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