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Album Tracks

1. I'm a Rainbow [Junior's Shiny Rainbow Edit] 4:13
2. I Believe (In You) (Duet with Joe "Bean" Esposito) [Figo Sound Version] 4:45
3. Back Where You Belong [Jean Tonique Remix] 4:18
4. You to Me [Oliver Nelson Remix] 3:36
5. Don't Cry for Me Argentina [Ladies on Mars 'Buenos Aires' Remix] 5:34
6. Sweet Emotion [Le Flex Remix] 3:43
7. Brooklyn [Ladies on Mars 'Child of Rhythm' Remix] 4:42
8. Romeo [Ladies on Mars 'Luv-Nrg' Remix] 3:38
9. Highway Runner [Ladies on Mars 'Street Race' Remix] 3:09
10. Leave Me Alone [Ladies on Mars 'Independence' Remix] 4:13

1. Brooklyn [Ladies on Mars 'Child of Rhythm' Remix - Radio Edit] 3:36
2. I Believe (In You) (Duet with Joe "Bean" Esposito) [Figo Sound Radio Version] 3:00
3. Highway Runner [Ladies on Mars 'Street Race' Extended Remix] 6:17
4. Brooklyn [Ladies on Mars 'Child of Rhythm' Extended Remix] 6:52
5. Romeo [Ladies on Mars 'Luv-Nrg' Extended Remix] 6:46

Donna Summer - 2x LP I'm A Rainbow: Recovered & Recoloured Vinil

SKU: LP_INT_0614
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