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Edição expandida em vinil duplo do álbum "Warrior" em disco verde. Versão muito limitado da loja oficial da artista.





Lado A

1. Warrior

2. Die Young

3. C'Mon

4. Thinking of You

5. Crazy Kids

6. Wherever You Are

7. Dirty Love feat. Iggy Pop


Lado B

1. Wonderland

2. Only Wanna Dance With You

3. Supernatural

4. All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)

5. Love Into the Light

6. Last Goodbye



Lado C

1. Gold Trans Am

2. Out Alive

3. Past Lives

4. Die Young (Dallas K Extended Mix)

5. Die Young (My Digital Enemy Remix)


Lado D

1. Die Young REMIX feat. Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Becky G

2. Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You (Deconstructed Mix)

3. Blow (Deconstructed Mix)

4. The Harold Song (Deconstructed Mix)

5. Die Young (Deconstructed Mix)

6. Supernatural (Deconstructed Mix)

Kesha -2x LP Warrior (Expanded Edition) Verde Store Exclusive Vinil

SKU: LP_INT_0675
  • Prazo de Entrega: 3-19 dias úteis

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