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Disco 1 / Lado A



Miss a Thing

Real Groove

Monday Blues


Say Something


Disco 1 / Lado B


Last Chance

I Love It

Where Does the DJ Go?

Dance Floor Darling


Celebrate You


Disco 2 / Lado C


Till You Love Somebody

Fine Wine

Hey Lonely



Disco 2 / Lado D


A Second to Midnight (With Years & Years)

Kiss of Life (With Jessie Ware)

Can't Stop Writing Songs About You (With Gloria Gaynor)

Real Groove (With Dua Lipa) (Studio 2054 Remix)


Disco 3 / Lado E


Say Something (Basement Jaxx Remix)

Say Something (F9 Club Mix)

Say Something (Syn Cole Extended Mix)


Disco 3 / Lado F


Magic (Purple Disco Machine Extended Mix)

Real Groove (With Dua Lipa) (Studio 2054 Initial Talk Remix)

Dance Floor Darling (Linslee's Electric Slide Remix)


Disco 4 / Lado A


Magic (Extended Mix)

Miss A Thing (Extended Mix)

Real Groove (Extended Mix)


Disco 4 / Lado B


Monday Blues (Extended Mix)

Supernova (Extended Mix)

Say Something (Extended Mix)


Disco 5 / Lado C


Last Chance (Extended Mix)

I Love It (Extended Mix)

Where Does The DJ Go? (Extended Mix)


Disco 5 / Lado D


Dance Floor Darling (Extended Mix)

Unstoppable (Extended Mix)

Celebrate You (Extended Mix)

Kylie Minogue - 5x LP Disco: Guest List Edition Deluxe Limitado Vinil

SKU: LP_INT_0457
R$1.789,90 Preço normal
R$1.699,90Preço promocional
  • Prazo de Entrega: 3 - 29 dias úteis

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